Saturday, March 13, 2010

Procrastination #27

Hello Procrasti-Nation,
Do you like my comics? I hope you do...
I hope you like them more than your shoe,
If you could please comment,
comment, comment, comment...

yup i rhymed comment with comment... so you know what you do? you leave comments!!!
some people told me they had trouble but i fixed it and now everyone can comment, even anonymously... for you creepers
Also i was to make an animation for a class and i choose to animate the comic! I wanted to get the whole cast and get their voices too but it was harder than i thought so this is like a test for that...yah. its on the facebook site.

As always Join the facebook group....
then invite your friends to join, then be my friend because i like anyone who likes my comic!

Peace and Platonic Love, Eric


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Im a student at Columbia college, illustration major, i like to read and draw comics. Somtimes i draw funny little people that go NOOOOOO


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