Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Hey this is my new blog, i know this is very exciting so please calm yourself. SO im not sure what im gonna do hear, maybe post about stuff im thinkin about and maybe some artwork if i can figure it out.
How bout some news, im going to be working on a one page story for a comics anthology for my school, i think its under the blogs im following, but yah i got some ideas, ones about one of the last people on earth, not the last person on earth but one of few, and how he lives his life and all that goes with that situation. Another is about a guy who works in the backroom at a "Target-like" superstore and is suddenly being attacked by hords of monsters and he is the only one who can save the store. I have one more, its a horror story, real basic, theres a creature hiding in the shadows of a house and it just keeps lurking and doesnt do anything accept be creepy, or i was gonna have it haunt a "Target-like" store. Do you feel the love i have for my job? ill keep posting my ideas if anyone reads this tell me an idea seems to be working for you, ill keep posting my thoughts for this one page story, just so i can have them somewhere insteas of floating in my head to get lost in a dark crevice of my mind.
I think i will give suggestions for good comics to read at the end of my posts, sounds fun right?
This time i will suggest...PROOF by image comics, who doesnt like bigfoot in a suit solving mysteries about cryptozoolgy.


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Im a student at Columbia college, illustration major, i like to read and draw comics. Somtimes i draw funny little people that go NOOOOOO


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